Beyond search engine optimization, there are other aspects of your website to consider, including your security! Did you know your WordPress website, whether big or small, can encounter security breaches? One of the most common reasons is due to using outdated plugins and themes, or not using any security plugin at all!

That’s where trusted security plugins come along to help your website. But with the many plugins available today, which are the best to install? Read on as I show you the top 12 security plugins made for WordPress!

Top 12 Security Plugins for WordPress

WordPress security plugins offer various features for your website, preventing it from getting hacked. Certain plugins would block any force attacks, locking out anyone who has tried to attempt logging in multiple times. Most plugins also come with a firewall, preventing threats from entering your website and blacklisting certain groups if they are suspicious.

To receive these excellent security benefits, install any of the top-rated security plugins made for WordPress:

1. All-In-One WP Security

As the name suggests, this security plugin offers the complete features your website needs to stay secure. It focuses more on brute force attacks, which gives your website the best protection against one of the most common security breaches.

Besides this, the plugin also offers website firewall protection, as well as protection for your core files with the ease of use.

2. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a notable security plugin on WordPress, existing for 12 years. It tackles any major vulnerabilities websites would encounter, from brute force attacks to file change detections.

If there are many failed login attempts or the plugin senses something suspicious happening within your core files, you will immediately be notified. The user will also be locked out after the failed attempts.

3. Shield Security

Shield Security is actually a pretty small plugin compared to the others mentioned, but with accurate results. It protects your website and itself, requiring a password before making any changes to the plugin’s settings.

The plugin won’t modify core files and will offer a core file scanner, two-factor authentication, spambot blockers, as well as IP blocking systems.

4. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security will scan your website for malware automatically, taking note of your existing files and notifying you of data changes. If ever it picked up on security breaches, simply access the activity log to discover the cause and restore the file if needed.

Thus free security plugin offers the following features:

  • Blacklist and file integrity monitoring
  • Security Activity Auditing
  • Remote malware scanning
  • Quick security notifications
  • Post-hack security solutions and security hardening

5. WordFence Security

WordFence security is one of the most popular security plugins for WordPress, and for a reason! It can secure websites from brute force attacks by enforcing both strong passwords and two-factor authentication, blocking excessive login attempts.

The plugin also includes live traffic for you to see real-time traffic updates and possible attempted hacks on your site. That way, you can see any suspicious activity to block and fix immediately.

6. Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security is one of the suitable plugins for beginners, and as the name suggests, it places a bulletproof jacket on your site.

In just one click, you receive the utmost security from any hackings, whether RFI, SQL or code injection, CRLF, or XSS. The free version places a strong firewall to your site for better protection while backing up your data. The pro version can secure your admin and root website folder, as well as create 503 maintenance pages for websites under construction.

7. WP AntiVirus Site Protection

The WP AntiVirus Site protection plugin detects various breaches, such as worms, spyware, adware, backdoors, redirections, and more. It can detect such breaches from a theme and general files from the website, sending a notification and alert to your WordPress account and email.

Besides this, the plugin will give you a daily update of virus databases, scan files in your website, as well as perform malware scans and removals.

8. VaultPress

It’s crucial to have your website and all its data backed up in case of a website crash or hack. When you have backups, you can activate the most recent one to restore your website, having it work again immediately.

That’s where VaultPress comes along, which creates backups, both scheduled and/or real-time. The backups are stored off-site and can be used to restore websites within seconds. Plus, it can perform website scans for any malware of viruses to remove immediately.

9. VIP Scanner

VIP scanner will scan your website files, including any WordPress themes and plugins. The plugin will pinpoint various security vulnerabilities that might appear on your website. It will also create any checks that will be grouped so you can run such checks against files, directories, themes, and plugins.

The entire interface is easy to use and will protect the site from viruses or malware scanning that might pop up.

10. Login Lockdown

Login Lockdown is another simple yet effective plugin you download for free. The plugin’s main feature is to avoid any brute force attacks from attempted logins.

It works through blocking IP addresses that have had a lot of failed login attempts in a short matter of time. The default number of tries before a blocked IP address is three attempts in five minutes. However, you can change this and adjust the settings.

11. Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

Block Bad Queries is simple, focusing on firewall security. It only contains the essential security features a firewall requires, making it very lightweight and easy to use, as well as quick to load and navigate around in.

You simply need to install and activate the plugin and begin using it immediately. If you’re a beginner or want a straight to the point plugin, this one’s for you, as it provides features such as:

  • Blocks malicious requests, suspicious attacks, executable file uploads
  • Scans incoming traffic and all request types, blocking any bad request
  • Silently works behind your website for optimum security and protection

12. SecuPress

SecuPress features a scanner, which would search your website if there are any security vulnerabilities. It will check the following on your website:

  • The user and login
  • Sensitive data
  • Website firewall
  • WordPress core
  • Plugins and themes
  • Malware scanner

Once it finishes scanning, there will be a checkbox to have you know what issues you need to fix. Besides this, the premium version of the plugin also provides features such as website backups, anti-spam methods, malware scanner solutions, and background scans.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to securing your WordPress website, you need a reputable and updated security plugin. They offer features to protect your site from any malware and adware, as well as cyber espionage, data hacks, and malicious software. If you need further advice or security for your website success, companies that focus on both security and SEO Sydney can help you!

I hope that this list of security plugins for WordPress helped you find the right one! So don’t wait any longer and install any of these useful tools for a secure website.

Do you have any questions or want to share suggestions or reviews on any of these security plugins? Share it in the comments section below; all your thoughts are much appreciated.