Reviews have become the most important part of any Product or business Website. People hugely rely on reviews to make their final choice of purchasing a product or service. This has made review blogging or review websites popular too, where people could read reviews of their favorite products, places, services, etc.

If You have a WordPress website, the next challenge is to attract visitors and make them regulars. The visitors who come to your website and enjoy your excellent services will want to leave a review. A review will have either comments and a rating, or both. To draw the undivided attention of new visitors to the praises you’ve received in the reviews, you will need one of the Best WordPress Review Plugins.

For Easily setting up a review website/blog or enabling reviews on your website, you need of a review plugin for your WordPress. Out of a plethora of choices, this article has listed only the 5 best ones along with their features.

5 Best WordPress Plugins are Listed Below

1 : WP Review

WP Review is a great review plugin that makes it easy for you to set up a review site. It displays reviews in the form of stars, points or percentages. You can customize it just as you wish with the easy customization options offered by this plugin.

WP Review plugin is an easy yet powerful way to review content easily, without affecting the speed of your site. If you’re a blogger, you probably occasionally review or rank products, services, tools, recipes, or other content on your site. WP Review plugin is a customizable and lightweight way to create reviews, using stars, percentage or point rating, and it includes support for translation, WPMU, Google rich snippets and unlimited colors. Just install it and follow the simple configuration instructions to place it in your desired location.

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2 : WP Product Review

WP Product Review Lite is a plugin that is designed to get the most out of your reviews. With this plugin, your reviews become more readable. You can even earn from your reviews by placing a “buy now” button on your post.

From the administrator’s end, this plugin offers a checkbox on your posts on which you can insert review details. These details will appear on the page of the actual post. From the options page, you can change the icons and edit the colors. All the colors of the plugin are fully customizable. From the same page, you find the option to enable and disable the affiliate button.

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3 : Site Reviews

The Site Reviews plugin features a simple yet effective way to collect ratings and reviews on your website. The plugin has several options for displaying your reviews, including shortcodes, widgets, and blocks. Reviews are shown in a default order, but you can customize this by pinning some of the best reviews to go on top.

This is one of the simplest ways to incorporate reviews on your website, so if you like a look of cleanliness and the standard review formatting, this is definitely a plugin to consider. In addition, it’s completely free with no upsells along the way.

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4 : Google Reviews Widget

The Google Reviews Widget has a completely different function than many of the other plugins in this article. Instead of letting customers write reviews on your website, this plugin takes all of your current Google business reviews and shows them on your website. It works as a widget, so all of these reviews can be placed in a header, footer, or sidebar.

The plugin is free, but you do have the option to upgrade to the business license which starts at $85 per year.

The free plugin may be useful for some smaller brands, but it limits you to only five Google reviews and three Yelp reviews. Personally, I feel like this is enough for most businesses, but the business plan also supports more platforms such as Facebook. You also get some interesting features such as filters, rich snippets, and the ability to merge certain reviews.

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5 : Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews is a review plugin built to make everything easy. It is incredibly easy to set up to start you off. What’s more, it boasts two astonishing shortcodes. One displays your reviews, while the other displays the form through which visitors can submit reviews. Apart from accepting and managing user reviews, this plugin can show product reviews for either one or all products. It also facilitates detailed reviews with fields such as quality, value, and appearance. The styling options are versatile with the custom CSS option. You can filter reviews by score, review author, or product name.

This plugin allows you to set the maximum number of days – after purchasing products – that a customer can leave a product review. Ultimate Reviews will enable customers to upload images and videos to accompany their review. The plugin can flag inappropriate comments too. You can select some positive reviews as “weighted” so that they carry more relevance toward the overall rating.

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Once you activate a review plugin on your site, you will see how effectively you can manage reviews on your website. I hope this article helped you to make the best choice for your website.