Colibri WP Multipurpose WordPress theme takes the Customizer to the next level so you can customize every aspect of your website in a single interface. This includes headers, page content, footers, navigation menus, global and individual styling.

Design features that will make your websites stand out
With Colibri WordPress you can combine design options like background, overlay, graphic separator, spacings, header layout and media type to obtain truly unique and outstanding websites.

Awesome hero sections with video, slideshows & image collage
The hero section of your websites makes the first impression to your visitors. Make a great first impression with features like video, slideshow background and image collage.

Shape dividers & section overlap
Graphical features like shape dividers and overlap sections can help create unique website that is easy to remember by visitors.

Looks great on any device by default
Every element inside Colibri WordPress is designed to look great on any mobile device and any screen size. It also comes with a different navigation system that is optimized for mobile devices.

Complete control over navigation layout & design
With Colibri WordPress you can easily customize your navigation section to fit your brand design and you can also choose the layout that best fits your website.

50+ Full Website Templates for a Variety of Niches
If you want a head start or simply to get your site off the ground as fast as possible, you can simply use one of Colibri’s WordPress professionally designed website templates.

Create pages lightning-fast with 150+ predefined blocks
Colibri WordPress offers fully customizable blocks that fit any situation and help you build the website you need in the blink of an eye. A few examples include: about blocks, features, services, team, testimonials, portfolio, contact blocks etc.

Customize any element on the pageto pixel-perfection
Want to create a truly custom website? With Colibri WordPress you have complete design freedom. You can select any element on the page and style it to pixel-perfection.

40+ Drag and Drop Components
Colibri WordPress comes with a set of 40+ drag and drop components that you can use to create completely custom blocks or customize the existing ones.

Start designing your website with 0 setup using Colibri Cloud
Colibri WordPress Cloud is your online workspace for WordPress sites. You can create websites in your Colibri account, share them with your colleagues or clients and publish to any hosting when you’re ready.

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