The different web pages on the internet compete in ranking high on the various search engines. It is logical for users to click on pages that are placed higher in their search results. Hence, using the Search engine optimization (SEO) technique can make your content rank among the top of the search engine.

For instance, when you search for the keyword “english essay help” on the Google search engine. Google will go on to generate over a hundred million results for this keyword. But then, the websites that rank higher will likely attract you.

Top websites use SEO strategically and correctly to attract traffic. It is worth mentioning that failure to employ the correct SEO techniques is counterproductive. The paragraphs below will show you ten mistakes to avoid when you make use of SEO practices.


#1. Use Of Wrong Keywords

A lot of websites are guilty of this mistake. This is because they fail to research the right keywords that their target audience is looking for. Making use of the right keywords can help to drive traffic to your page since people will be directed there.


#2. Use of Low-Quality Content

The algorithms used by search engines are designed to choose content that is most relevant or useful. So creating articles not related to the keywords selected results in a lower ranking. As a result, even when using the right keywords, it is equally vital you avoid creating low-quality content for your website.


#3. Forgetting The Meta Descriptions And Title Tags

Besides using the right keywords in your articles, you must ensure to include the meta description and title tags because they are useful components of SEO. Furthermore, they can optimize your page and improve the performance of your content.


#4. Overusing Of Keywords

Overstuffing keywords in every sentence of your content is considered spammy by search engines. This strategy would not only hurt your SEO performance but also make your content difficult to read and understand.


#5. Ignoring The Power Of Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are very powerful personalities in the internet world. These people have a large following on various social media platforms. Ignoring their influence can prevent your web content from reaching a large audience online.

On the other hand, you can use their influence to attract more viewers to your site. As more people visit your website, the content is considered more useful by the search engine. This will help to improve its rating.


#6. Not Designed For Mobile Experience

Advancement in technology has brought about a revolution in the use of mobile phones. People now surf the internet using their phones. Google and other search engines now rate websites not based on their content and keywords only but also their performance. Therefore, ensure your websites are mobile-friendly. This can equally boost its ratings on search engines and help you reach a wide audience that prefers the mobile experience.


#7. Copy Content From Other Websites

It is considered spam to copy content from other sites on the internet. So you must avoid engaging in such practice because Google will detect it and penalize your website. Besides, using content that’s not original makes your site lose its credibility. However, if you make use of information from other webpages, ensure that you create a link to the source at the end of each content. This saves your website from being blacklisted by Google.


#8. Ignoring The Use Of Analytics

There is no denying that SEO is an essential technique that organically generates traffic for your website. However, you have to use analytics such as Google Analytics to record the progress and keep track of the performance of your sites. This will make you know if your SEO optimization is effective.


#9. Exclusion Of Quality Links

The relevance of external links in your content cannot be overemphasized. This is because it plays an essential role in making whatever information you are passing credible. Therefore it’s always ideal for you to create a link to a relevant site. Also, make sure that your external links are related to the topic of your content.


#10. Poor Use Of Internal Links

You can place internal links in your top-performing articles to increase their visibility online. Also, This will also help to deliver additional traction. However, It is important not to overuse it, as too many links can make it difficult to read your web content.



In summary, Search Engine Optimization is about creating web pages that are informative, useful, and easy to read. By avoiding the mistakes of the SEO mentioned above, your content will not only rise high in the ranks but will also stand out uniquely from your competitors.