The best slideshows are the catchiest ones. They don’t have to be filled with gaudy colors or a collection of animations, however. You can make your slideshows look amazing even with just simple elements in your slides. You only must have the perfect mix of visuals and content all laid out in a cohesive, harmonious, and balanced way slide after slide.

Many find achieving this quite a challenge. Many presenters usually don’t have the time, resources, or creativity to come up with a unique, polished, and theme-oriented presentation that attracts the audience while imparting relevant information at the same time.

Free PowerPoint Templates (a.k.a. aims to change all that. As a website dedicated to providing professional-looking presentations for commercial, education, and personal use, FPPT offers a wide array of free presentation templates for PowerPoint.

Unlock the Benefits of Using PowerPoint Templates

Using templates has many benefits compared to creating one from scratch. First of all, using PowerPoint templates help you save a lot of time. Instead of thinking about what you will put on each slide and how you will put it, templates already come with their own layouts and placeholders to guide you through each slide.

There are templates that already come with sample content so you already have a good idea of what to put in the slides and how they will look once completed. Take this Brain PowerPoint Template, for example. Like this template and other PowerPoint themes available in this resource, there are predefined slides that are greatly helpful when you’re dealing with visual aids, such as graphs, charts, diagrams, and flowcharts, as the template samples already provide suggested visuals for you to simply tweak and modify with your data.

Aside from saving you time, professionally designed PowerPoint templates, such as the collection housed at FPPT allow you multiple designs and free PowerPoint themes to choose from. This way, you’re not just stuck with a generic-looking slideshow design. You can have a presentation design and background that is an appropriate match to your topic or theme. For example, FPPT has a wide array of categories that allow you to browse through thousands of different kinds of templates to suit any topic, theme, color scheme, or preference. Thus, you can make sure to have a brand-oriented presentation, which is important if you’re making one for your company or product.

If you’re not tech-savvy or much of a graphic designer, you at least don’t have to hire a professional to get great-looking presentations done. You can simply choose the perfect template for you from the thousands of free and available templates off the FPPT website.

Do More with These Free PowerPoint Templates

Since you are saving more time and resources from these PowerPoint templates, you get to have more time to focus on your core tasks. This is tremendously important if you’re growing your business or running on a deadline. You spend less time on your desk and more time doing things that matter for your organization.

You also get to have more time to rehearse your speech or your whole business presentation. This makes you better prepared for the time when you face your audience and answer their questions. This is critical especially if you’re introducing a new idea or a proposal, or if you’re out to convince a group of stakeholders that could make or break your company or brand. You have to know your topics very well, research and study all angles, anticipate potential questions, and study your script. Using a PowerPoint template cuts your time poring over slides and gives you more to clock in on things that carry a more direct impact on your company.

The same goes for events, personal, and school presentations. For example, you can rest easy on your slideshow deck because you already have a template handy. You can focus your efforts more on event preparations, on studying for your other subjects, or on getting things done in your household. Moreover, templates are compatible with major versions of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, either for PC or Mac, so it is very easy to get the final presentation ported to a different presentation program once it is finished.


Create Great-Looking Presentations Anywhere

What’s great about these FPPT templates is they are compatible with all versions of PowerPoint. With the latest features of recent versions of PowerPoint, you can even enjoy more convenience because it allows you to more easily come up with unique-looking slide designs using FPPT templates. Furthermore, you can upload your templates onto your OneDrive account so you can access the templates whenever you need to create a stunning PowerPoint presentation even when you’re on the go. This means you can create and modify presentations using any computer and any mobile device.

Collaboration is also easy because you can use your FPPT template to work with a team and even keep updated with each other in real-time.


To enjoy all the benefits of a stunning, professionally designed template, download one for yourself today. Just go ahead and visit to create your slideshow from the thousands of templates that are available and free to download.


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