One simply doesn’t get enough of fast internet. Whether you’re getting 30 Mbps download speeds or 100 Mbps, it’s never fast enough for you. Or maybe that’s a common trait most of us have acquired now that our lives are revolving around the internet and we have zero tolerance for sluggish speeds.

However, there are still a few boundaries set to determine what actually is fast internet and what isn’t. For that, we have taken a few primary culprits in suspicion of slow internet speeds and we will be aligning each culprit to see if you’re a victim or not.

Primary Culprit #1: The Loop Of Buffering Hell

All of us have been in this hell. When you change your Netflix streaming resolution to HD and your internet speed sinks into the void. You are left infuriated as you cannot enjoy the new Netflix show you added to your watch list. You keep wondering about how you could get out of this ordeal so you can chill with Netflix and you on a boring weekend.

Primary Culprit #2: Your Download Speeds Keep Dropping

You put a file on download and it takes eons to download. You leave all the standard internet surfing, social media scrolling, and even close the YouTube tabs you had open. The download window still shows three hours or so for a 5 GB file. Well, well what to do now?

Primary Culprit #3: Your Online Game Ping Abruptly Spikes

You plug in your console to play a multiplayer game with your friends. It’s weekend and you don’t have any office work or assignments to hand over. Life seems good. Not until the wrath of ping spikes strikes and all your gaming plans with your friends go down the drain.

How To Boost Your Internet Connection

You know the culprits but that’s not enough. Now you have to find a solution and for that, we are there to help.

  1. Your ISP has set data caps

It’s a rarity to find internet service providers that don’t confer data caps yet many do. But before you opt for an ISP that doesn’t set data usage limits, you should know why these limits induce slow internet speeds. Most ISPs tend to set a data cap to your chosen internet plan. Supposedly, your plan has a data limit of 1 TB and if you happen to exceed the limit, you will be either charged extra or you will have to bear reduced internet speeds until the plan is renewed.

The solution? As we mentioned there are a few ISPs that don’t induce data caps, Spectrum is one that doesn’t. No matter what plan you choose, you will be free from the clutches of data caps. Contact Spectrum phone if you need more details regarding the ISP’s internet plans available in 40+ U.S. states.

  1. Opt for ethernet connectivity

Wireless connection for gaming is never recommended. Your wireless signals can jitter any moment and so will the ping. While Wi-Fi is the more convenient approach for connecting multiple devices at once, if high ping and latency is your concern as a gamer, you should reconsider wireless connectivity and shift to the ethernet. Any device you connect to your internet via the ethernet cable like your TV, PC, smartphone, or any gaming console will be then given direct connectivity to the internet signal. In turn, it will leave no room for connection drops, a secure connection and you will be able to game and download with the right consumption of bandwidth.

  1. Install a malware detection program

Viruses and malicious programs sneak into our system when we are least expecting it. That’s why we must keep our operating system and every installed application updated. It’s also necessary to run regular malware detection programs so if there’s a hidden virus residing in your system’s storage, it doesn’t grow out to infect your entire PC and affect its performance to slow it down. Find a reliable anti-virus program, it can be paid or free, install it, and then enable automatic updates for regular scanning so no shortcomings ever arise.

To conclude

Now you know some of the primary issues that result in slow internet speeds. But that’s not all, you even got to find some reliable solutions to get out the ordeal of slow internet speeds for good. Happy gaming, streaming, and endless social media scrolling to you!