Discord is a fascinating free chat service catered towards players and entrepreneurs. It focuses on giving a voice and text platform for like-minded people to work together to accomplish a bigger goal. Sometimes this may be a tech startup working to attract more people on boardwhile other times it might only be a bunch of friends beginning a Minecraft server. Either way, Discord is a brilliant platform for consumers to take advantage of.

Not only does this offer voice and text conversation, but the platform has recently expanded into a game store as well. That’s correct; Discord has a wide variety of hand-picked indie games which showcase the finest of this industry for everybody to check out. For added productivity, users can also screen share with others, tie in their music player so others can see what they are listening to, and also connect their Xbox Live, PlayStation, and Steam accounts to share exactly what they’re playing too. All of the services supplied by the traditional Discord platform are just great.

While Discord has two elegant themes to choose from, it really is quite limited. With BetterDiscord, you are able to add whole new themes to Discord, enhancing your overall experience when using this application. Here’s a step by step guide on how to set-up BetterDiscord and Install some awesome Discord Themes.

How to Install BetterDisord

Before starting the BetterDiscord installation process, make sure that you’ve installed the traditional Discord platform first. From there, and make sure that the original service is closed before you start anything.

1 : Nagivate your way over to BetterDiscord and click ‘Download‘.
2 : Once the file has downloaded, extract it and click on BetterDiscordWI. Then click ‘Accept‘ and ‘Next‘.
3 : Once the next window has popped up, ensure that the file location is the same as your Discord file location (It usually is).
4 : Tick ‘Restart Discord after installation’ then click ‘Install‘.
5 : Once it has installed, your Discord should close and re-open again using BetterDiscord.

How to Install Discord Themes

1 : Head over to the wiki and pick your favourite theme!
2 : Once you’ve picked a theme, click ‘Download latest version‘ and download the source code (zip) or CSS.
3 : Once it has downloaded, go to ‘C:/Users/NAME/AppData/Roaming/BetterDiscord/themes’ and paste the CSS file in there.
4 : Restart Discord and click on ‘Settings‘ > ‘BetterDiscord’ > ‘Themes’, then select the theme you’ve just downloaded. Enjoy your new Discord theme!


Now you know how to install the BetterDiscord themes, get on out there and make Discord better platform for yourself. if you enjoyed this guide, be sure to check out our other Tutorials on Themes.to as well to enhance your knowledge even more!