If you connect virtual reality to your daily life, then you can see virtual private server hosting feels almost like having own little world. VPS is somewhat similar to shared hosting in that multiple websites share resources present on a single physical server. On the other hand, the main difference between dedicated hosting and VPS hosting is the restrictions placed on who can use the resources. If you still are working with shared hosting with limited resources, then this is the right time to think about shifting to a VPS plan (or a dedicated server).

In this article, we will take a closer look at the essentials of VPS hosting and why you need to consider MilesWeb hosting provider for the same.

Most prominently, web hosting providers use a hypervisor, or software designed to create individual virtual machines on the server. This process of separation protects you from your neighbors, though all of you are still accessing a “shared” pool of resources. Moreover, one thing that you must remember and that the server is likely to be more powerful and less populated as compared to the one used for shared hosting. In addition to this, the resource allocation should get divided evenly so that one website cannot take advantage of another’s resources and vice versa. It is like owning a flat in an apartment wherein everyone lives in their flat rather than knocking down walls and taking over their neighbors living room.

So to be more specific with the above-mentioned example, now the difference between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting is that cheap VPS hosting is like a townhouse that gives you full control. On the other hand, in dedicated hosting, you own a big house or a bungalow. That means, in dedicated hosting, you get the whole server along with the management responsibility and it is not shared with any other user.

To know more about VPS hosting just watch the below mentioned video:



As I have mentioned, one of the factors for switching from shared hosting to VPS hosting. However, there are lots of other factors that you need to consider for switching to VPS hosting and those are:

  • Heavy traffic
  • Reliability and security 
  • Server root access 
  • Increased website loading time
  • Operating an e-commerce website 
  • Experiencing “service unavailable” error on your website

So, if you’re facing the above issues while working in a shared hosting environment then you need to switch to VPS hosting.

Now the important question arises in your mind that particularly which VPS hosting plan you need to consider from the hosting provider as there are two types of VPS hosting plan:

  1. Managed VPS
  2. Unmanaged VPS

The main difference between managed VPS and unmanaged VPS is that, if you’re not that much tech-savvy then you must consider managed VPS hosting plan as your hosting provider will take care of everything. If you choose “managed VPS hosting”, then you don’t need to worry about all the technical things that might face while working in the hosting environment. On the other hand, if you have some sort of technical knowledge through which you can easily solve your issues then “unmanaged VPS plan” is ideal for you.

Amongst the various web hosting providers you can choose according to your choice but as I have mentioned about MilesWeb, I would surely recommend the same when it comes to choosing VPS hosting.

The client’s review plays an important role while choosing any web hosting provider. So here is the client’s review for MilesWeb hosting company.


The leading web hosting company was started in 2012, setting benchmarks for its competitors. With a clear vision in mind, the founders had started this journey to deliver quality services round the clock at an affordable price. They offer web hosting globally today. The award-winning company empowers people to confidently get their business online. Customer care is their forte since day one as their tag line says “Your Hosting, Our Responsibility”.

MilesWeb provides stunning features and services to their customers. The services include, shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, business hosting, Magento hosting, etc. at an affordable price. MilesWeb offers managed VPS hosting plan for VPS hosting so, if you’re not that much tech-savvy then their technical support team will take care of all your technical issues. There are two types plans based on the operating system such as Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

The VPS hosting plans offered by MilesWeb are as follows



Managed VPS hosting features offered by MilesWeb are as follows:

  • VPS hosting setup
  • Control panel installation and configuration
  • Third-party software installation
  • Linux security and hardening
  • CMS and Web application installation
  • CSF Firewall installation and configuration
  • Optimizing web server and fine-tuning
  • Database optimization
  • Network fine-tuning
  • Server performance fine-tuning
  • Security optimization
  • Kernel patch updates
  • Malware, virus detection, and protection
  • Installation of security patches and updates
  • Spam protection
  • Database and Website security
  • Protection against server blacklisting
  • Malware removal
  • VPS performance optimization
  • VPS migration
  • rDNS setup
  • Hardware and network related issues
  • Unlimited ticket, emails, and chat support

In addition to this, the technical features include, 

  • Solid-State Drives
  • Free VPS Management
  • SSH and Root Access
  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard
  • Host Unlimited Sites
  • Instant Provisioning
  • No Setup Fee
  • Robust Infrastructure

The award-winning company also commits that they provide SSD based premium VPS hosting service at the most competitive price. With their fully managed VPS hosting plans, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the VPS hosting resources, install customized applications and run any program.

So as you read the above points, you will come to know why you need to consider MilesWeb for VPS hosting.