With the increasing time, project management certifications are gaining high popularity, especially in the IT industry. PRINCE 2 and PMP are the most reputed project management courses which provide professionals with top career opportunities. However, they get confused with the appropriate choice among the two courses. The professionals need to have proper knowledge about two courses before choosing anyone of them. There are around 1,090, 000 professionals certified with PRINCE 2 across the globe. However, 665, 661 professionals are certified with PMP.

The fundamental difference between the two certifications lies in their approach or techniques involved to complete the project. Though both PRINCE 2 and PMP Certification have their own pros and cons, still having the knowledge help in better decision making. Moreover, PRINCE 2 certification is quite better as compared with PMP Certification. PRINCE 2 Certification helps in taking your career forward by gaining a reputation in the company.

What is the PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification?

If you are seeking to establish your career as a project manager, then achieving PMP Certification is beneficial. By getting a PMP certification, the professionals can gain comprehensive knowledge about how to manage or control the projects. Moreover, it helps the professionals to effectively produce optimum results at the end of the project management process. The professionals can apply their knowledge as well as experience in whichever industry they want. The PMP course is widely carried out not only in the US but in other areas like Asia and Europe. It offers complete knowledge about the project management skills to the professionals.

What is PRINCE 2 certification?

PRINCE 2 refers to Project in Controlled Environment, which focuses on the techniques and processes related to project management. The PRINCE 2 Certification allows the project managers to know about the systematic ways and approaches for completing the successful project. While pursuing the PRINCE 2 course, professionals can gain knowledge about various topics like risk management, portfolio, IT service, and program management. It involves three levels, out of which PRINCE 2 Professional level is the hard one.

Significant point of differences between PRINCE 2 and PMP Certifications

Advantages of choosing PRINCE 2 over PMP

By choosing PRINCE 2 Certification, the professionals can become capable of executing any business project efficiently. However, after achieving the PMP Certification, the professionals can only get trained with project management skills. PRINCE 2 methodologies and principles teach the project managers how to monitor, plan, control, and execute projects.

  • The professionals can develop the knowledge of efficient project management principles through the concept of PRINCE 2. Moreover, PMP certification does not provide a model approach, whereas PRINCE 2 offers a model approach to the professionals.
  • Each team member of the project management is familiar with their responsibilities and how to manage them professionally. However, professionals certified with PMP know how to execute projects but do not know about risk management.
  • The planning process involved with PRINCE 2 includes a systematic approach, and the professionals learn how to handle every task in a step by step manner. PMP certified professional is not aware of step by step planning.


PRINCE 2 Certification PMP Certification
It is a descriptive and elaborate program. It involves all the critical aspects of the project management, even the problems related with projects. It is a skillful program through which the professionals can gain project management skills.
The certification helps the professionals to strategize their plans skillfully by keeping all the important facts into mind. The professionals can join a vast global network of the project managers by getting qualified with PMP.
It gives importance to the specific techniques necessary for completing the project successfully. It becomes easy for the project managers to obtain more projects by having the contact with experienced and PMP certified professionals.
The professionals can save their crucial time plus resources by getting acknowledged with PRINCE 2 principles. The business companies can offer high job opportunities for PMP certified professionals still the preference is for PRINCE 2 certified.
There is the scope of demanding high salary by achieving PRINCE 2. It is because the professionals gain high experience during the course training. The PMP managers can get lucrative income but not much higher than PRINCE 2 certified professionals.


Industrial demand

PMP and PRINCE 2 Certification has gained a high reputation across the world. However, some specific countries prefer one over the other.

  • PMP Certification has a high preference in the United States as well as American countries.
  • PRINCE 2 is more preferable in Australia, UK, and other countries of Europe.
  • Africa, Asia, and the Middle East region prefer PMP over PRINCE 2.

That is why; it shows that both certifications are highly prevalent in various industrial areas. There is the almost equivalent distribution of PMP and PRINCE 2 Certifications across the globe, but industrial demand makes one more critical over others.

Better salary prospects

It is a fact that any professional certified with any project management certification gains a high reputation and thus a high salary. Getting highly paid is one of the crucial factors for choosing the best certification course among PMP and PRINCE 2. In the United States, the professional certified with PMP gets an average payment of $105, 000 per year. However, the accredited professionals with PRINCE 2 get an average salary of £50, 000 per year in the UK. According to the survey, the project managers certified with PMP earn more in industries like mining and agriculture. The high pay scale of PRINCE 2 is around $45, 000 and thus, project managers go for PRINCE 2.

Cost of PMP and PRINCE 2 Certification exam

The exams are a vital part of obtaining a PMP or PRINCE 2 Certification. The PMP certification tests the knowledge of project management, while PRINCE 2 tests the methodologies of project management.

  • While attempting PMP, the candidates have to attend 200 multiple choice questions in four hours, and it requires 62% to qualify the examination.
  • Moreover, the registration procedure of the PMP exam format is quite simple, whereas there is a quite complicated process involved with PRINCE 2 exam registration.

However, to qualify PRINCE 2 Certification, the candidates need to clear two primary levels, Foundation and Practitioner. There are 60 questions and time duration of one hour in the Foundation exam and 68 questions and time duration of 150 minutes in the Practitioner exam.


When it comes to picking up among PMP and PRINCE 2 Certification, then it is the choice of candidates. However, it is efficient to look at better career prospects and salary factors when deciding which one is better. Moreover, PRINCE 2 Certification offers more job opportunities and learning skills to the professionals.