Contrary to the past, today’s business environment provides doors for businesses to succeed thanks to tools like social listening. This particular tool has allowed businesses to move with the changing consumer needs to prosperity. As a company looking to embrace social listening for your success, its paramount that you do it right for optimal results.

NetBase is the honcho in the social analytics industry as a result of its wholesome, innovative solutions. This company prides itself on providing accurate, in-depth consumer insights swiftly. NetBase social analytics platform will enable you to gain intelligence from data that you can leverage to anticipate consumer behavior, generate leads, and solve problems. Here is a guide on how to generate leads and solve problems using NetBase social listening platform.

Partner with influencers to unlock new leads

Reliable research indicates that there is an 11% higher return on investment for brands that choose to utilize influencers for their digital marketing. Partnering with an influencer means that as a brand, you can leverage their enormous influence and audience. It is within this audience that your market exists.

There is a sea of influencers, how do you know the right one to partner? It would be best if you settled for those you share similar ideas. Keep an eye out for the keywords and hashtags that they use and include them in the monitoring platform. Leverage the influencers to create a campaign for your business to increase the market’s awareness of your products. Frequently commenting and sharing your ideas on the influencers’ keywords and hashtags will amplify the outcome of your digital marketing campaign.

Refine your customer experience to solve problems

Social listening involves assuming the market position for a moment: so, which is your preferred business? The one with superb customer experience or a shabby one? Then why not refine your customer experience. It’s actually much easier than you imagine.

Provide feedback to all questions and complaints from your market. This might convince potential clients who are on the fence to become customers. Get feedback from the customers and further refine your customer experience by creating solutions to all problems. This will allow you to bag most of the 50% of Gen Xers, 54% of millennials, and 52% of baby boomers who give up businesses as a ramification for poor customer service.

Speak your market’s language to provide the content they desire

Consumers tend to favor brands that speak their language and meet their needs. Fortunately for you as a business, social listening will not only enable you to learn the language of your market but also speak it. This will allow you to curate your brand message in a way that sparks positive emotion in your market.

You can learn your market’s language by checking the hot discussion topics and hashtags on social media. To speak their language, you have to analyze the conversations and find out what is in their hearts. You will know what content not only your website but also your social media posts should contain. This will position you at the top of your sector with the full admiration of the market, thus driving new customers to you.

Social listening is an art and a science that should be done right to yield the best outcome. Tools like NetBase social analytics platform make it as easy as ABC to get it right. Here is prosperity; take it.