Among the most effective ways to cultivate your site is using an email subscription list. But, building one is time consuming, and successful promotion is often demanding.

Luckily, WordPress email subscription and advertising and marketing plugins make this task easy and fast. You are able to produce professional-looking mails from the WordPress dash, to help you grow your own Blog.

In this informative article, we will outline some of the ideal Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins out there. These can have a look at the advantages and disadvantages, in addition to the way to ascertain which is ideal for you!


1 : MailChimp

MailChimp is among the most popular email advertising and marketing platforms, therefore is the plugin. There are a number of pre-built mobile-friendly and also customizable sign-up types, a considerable knowledge base, and also a valuable option of add-on plugins offered.

Price: The basic ‘New Business’ plugin is completely free. However, a more advanced ‘Growing Business’ with additional features is available starting at $10 per month. The highest tier MailChimp plan is ‘Pro Marketer’ is available at an additional $199 per month.

Pros: MailChimp is trusted, streamlined, impeccably supported and makes email design super easy.

Cons: If you are an advanced user looking to adjust any of MailChimp’s default settings, the buried data can complicate the process extensively. Also, adding native subscription forms to pages requires some CSS knowledge to master.

In our opinion, while MailChimp is versatile, it’s more suited to:

Consulting practices.
Creative services.
Marketing and advertising.
Non-profit organizations.

With MailChimp, you can also enjoy peace of mind knowing you can easily scale your email requirements as your site grows.

2 : ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter is a newsletter plugin that enables you to collect email subscribers and send newsletters from your WordPress dashboard. There’s options for batch sending, importing and exporting subscribers, and an ability to track open rates (although only basic analytics).

Price: Completely free.

Pros: The plugin lets you to rapidly import and export registered user data from a CSV file. It also makes the process of managing, adding, and deleting subscribers super simple.

Cons: Is fairly minimal, and doesn’t present much by way of analytics or scalability.

As the most basic option on our list, this is best suited for small operations, including:

Personal blogs
Small businesses

Though the plugin is completely free, you may want to opt for something more full-featured

3 : OptinMonster

Optinmonster is suitable for both basic and professional business. It offers great services and ensures that subscribers enjoy fast, secure and reliable conversions at all time. This plugin integrates with the best contact forms and website platforms to ensure that its users can double their email and subscribers list faster. If you are yet to find a plugin that will fit your business expectations, investing in optinmonster guarantees that you will not regret even for a second.

Price: After the free version, the ‘Basic’ OptinMonster plan is available at $9 per month. Also available is the more advanced ‘Plus’ plan ($19 per month) and ‘Pro’ plan ($29 per month).

Pros: Allows you to rapidly test multiple versions of your signup form, which is extremely conducive to site scalability. OptinMonster is also to setup and customize according to your business needs.

Cons: Both the free and ‘Basic’ versions of OptinMonster are fairly limited. You will need to invest more to reap the full benefits of the plugin.

Similar to Sumo List Builder, OptinMonster can be used by operations of any size. For example:

Personal bloggers.
Businesses of any size.
Non-profit organizations.

To use the plugin, you must have an OptinMonster account.

4 : SendInBlue

If you are enthusiast about using WordPress products, then Sendinblue email marketing WordPress is the best plugin for you. It strictly allows you to handle all email marketing networks from the WordPress dashboard. Therefore, you will not have to leave the home page to see any new subscriptions or even monitor the old ones. Additionally, it has a unique design that allows you to automate your newsletters in different ways. With this plugin, you will not have to hustle looking for a person who will write my essay as it offers you direct access to some websites.

Price: The standard version of SendInBlue is free. More advanced, feature-heavy plans range from Lite ($25 per month) to Premium ($66 per month). You also have the option of tailoring an ‘Enterprise’ plan to meet the needs of your business, with prices varying accordingly.

Pros: Comes with responsive email design templates, and outstanding real time tracking capabilities.

Cons: Not as beginner friendly as other options, and lacks certain third-party integrations.

As with many options on our list, SendInBlue can be used on almost any website, such as:

Service-based businesses.
eCommerce websites.
Non-profit organizations.

Best of all, the plugin is absolutely free up to 9,000 emails per month (great for small-to-medium sized businesses and blogs).

5 : OnePress Opt-In Panda

Using OnePress Opt-In Panda, you can connect with your website visitors in a whole new way by integrating it with your favorite email solution. With the built-in analytics options, you can improve the types of content you deliver by tracking user interactions and response rates.

You also have the ability to lock premium content. However, the variety of settings may make it overwhelming for beginners.

Price: The lite version of Opt-In Panda is free. Purchasing a regular licence for implementing the complete version of Opt-In Panda will set you back $23.

Pros: Is extremely developer friendly, optimised for mobile devices, and loads ultra fast.

Cons: Doesn’t offer the advanced analytical features boasted by some of the other plugins we’ve featured. The support system has also received mixed reviews.

As with the other options on our list, this plugin can be used in almost any industry. It can also be used to deliver a variety of content, such as:

Informational newsletters.
eCommerce promotions and offers.
Blog recaps.
Case studies.

The plugin is fairly versatile, and can be readily implemented into just about any e-commerce site.


If you are trying to find a much better manner in which is fast and practical to share your organization progress and get in touch with customers, email advertising and marketing is the network to adhere to. It is highly efficient and boosts your conversions as well as leads swiftly. If you want to experience the difference in your service growth, check out Best WordPress Email Marketing among the above plugins and your company will not stay the same.