Have you come across any situation where you have to redirect your webpage. When you haven’t, then you’ll have to divert the internal pages earlier or later. You may also wish to temporarily pause several sections or solutions for a while or just change the domain name on your site due to different factors. In these scenarios, you’ll need to redirect your webpages to random articles or a page that is definite. But should you use a WordPress site, it is really simple. All you have to do is install a Free WordPress Redirect plugin and it is simple to use it to redirect the plugins.

The address of the site is changed to a brand new one that you have created or existed when you redirect a URL of your site. So, once the user clicks on a particular link address you want to redirect, the redirected URL address is introduced to them instead of the original one. The redirects also help your website with the SEO in situations such as broken links and spam registrations. However, it can take about a month for those redirects to be accepted by the search engines. firewall freeware and It solely depends upon the algorithms used by the various search engines.

Absence of proper redirection setup on your WordPress site could damage your site’s traffic to a massive extent. If you believe you do not have sufficient time or expertise to set up directions onto your WordPress, you can find a plugin to do it to your site. That’s why we have listed the best free WordPress redirect plugins for you in this article to ease you on your redirection processes.

5 Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins


1 : 301 Redirects

301 Redirects helps you manage and create 301 & 302 redirects for your WordPress site to improve SEO and visitor experience. With a user-friendly interface, 301 Redirects is easy to install and configure. Perfect for new sites or repairing links after re-organizing your existing WordPress content, or when your site has content that expires and you wish to avoid sending visitors to a 404 page.

301 Redirects GUI is located in WP Admin Dashboard – Settings – 301 Redirects

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2 : WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post

This plugin automatically redirect 404 pages to similar posts based on Title, Post Types & Taxonomies. If nothing similar is found, visitors will be redirected to the homepage or a custom URL.
As the name suggests itself, WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post is one of the most suitable plugins for 404 WordPress redirection. This WordPress redirect plugin can be easily installed and used for your website. It can be very less time consuming to use once you see some of its features. Once installed, it will automatically detect and redirect the 404 pages to similar posts. This WordPress redirection is primarily based on post titles, types, and taxonomies.

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3 : Redirection

Redirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. With it you can easily manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. This can help reduce errors and improve your site ranking.
Redirection is designed to be used on sites with a few redirects to sites with thousands of redirects.
It has been a WordPress plugin for over 10 years and has been recommended countless times. And it’s free!

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4 : Easy HTTPS Redirection

After you install SSL certificate on your site, you should use the “HTTPS” URL of your webpages.
You want to force search engines to index your HTTPS version of the webpage(s).
This plugin will help you automatically setup a redirection to the https version of an URL when anyone tries to access the non-https version.

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5 : All 404 Redirect to Homepage

I have a website, every time I login to Google webmaster tools, I found many new discovered 404 error links, the problem is not in 404 errors itself, but when Google see them and count them for you!, I think that this count used in the overall site evaluation and ranking, I decided to develop All 404 Redirect to Homepage WordPress Plugin to solve these errors in SEO way by redirecting them using SEO 301 redirection.

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Wrapping Up:

Here are the best free WordPress redirect plugins for your website. on these Plugins most of the free features are quite enough for your WordPress site. You do need to keep in mind that a website with unmanaged redirects can also hugely impact the SEO position of your website. So make sure that you use these plugins setup with a proper way.