Tired of leaving Google the decision of which sites are the best on the web? Let’s go back to the beginning of the web with a directory edited by an editor. Search for what you need on a directory like web directory: we explain to you what it is and how it works.
When we do a search on Google, or on another engine, results appear on the first page of our screen. We know that the possible results for each search are many, and they cannot all appear on the first page. These must somehow be placed one after the other. But what does this position depend on? Why sometimes if we search for our company or business on Google this is on the third or fourth page and does not appear at the top? The way Google works and how it organizes search results is very complex, and it is difficult to describe it briefly.

Research for Fast Indexing

Let’s try to say that this search engine to offer its results is based on different elements. Some are existing web pages, content posted by users, such as those via Google Map. But also the databases already on the internet. When on the internet there is a new page or a new site, Google does something called indexing. Try to understand what it is based on texts and images whereas wordpress has best indexing rate based on the research. There are many good wordpress themes that can help you provide fast indexing. Based on this and the links to other sites that have already been indexed, establish your order.

When we talk about web directories we refer to a site that takes care of organizing resources, ie websites, in another way than Google. So if we’re not satisfied with Google’s search results we can try this alternative. On Directoryweb.it the sites are organized according to the theme, and the links are also sorted in alphabetical order. This makes it easier for an internet user to search. These directories work well because they are also based on descriptions of site content by the authors.

To appear on a site like Directoryweb.it you need to register and complete a form. In the past, web directories were very successful. In the last few years this has been decreasing because being formed by the contents of the users, they were often not very reliable. However, there are sites that are able to organize content in a reliable and orderly manner. In these cases the web directory can give an advantage to those who use it, and is also taken into consideration by the search engine.

Use DirectoryWeb for Fast Ranking

Somehow using a site as a directoryweb.it today is a kind of return to the past. But trying it costs nothing and could give tangible results. By doing so we will be able to check if our site is more successful, and if it is actually displayed more on search engines. As we have mentioned, the inclusion on web directories is free, just look at some simple conditions. You need to insert a reciprocal link on your website. What does it mean? In practice it is a kind of exchange, which benefits both parties. You put the link of the website on a web directory, and in return you will need to insert the link to the web directory on your site.

The link inserted on the directory must lead to the homepage, or to a page directly connected to the home page. It is essential to include a description of your site, at least 15 words long. Finally, the link to the website web must be inserted on your site, before completing the indicated procedure.

So here it is how to use it:

  • We insert on our site the link to Directoryweb.it.it
  • We open the registration form on Directoryweb.it, in the “Add site” section
  • We complete the registration, entering our data, and also the link to the page where we have inserted the link to directory web


Furthermore, every month among all subscribers, the web directory highlights some of them on the homepage, which creates a nice advantage in terms of visibility.