Drones are the hottest new trend in aerial photography right now. If you are considering taking flight, you might be overwhelmed with all of the different drone options and setups, or with all of the new laws and government regulations related to flying drones

With the advent of the technology, drones are getting cheaper and are used by many vloggers. Drone videos provide better capability to target more audiences. Drone videos are not directly posted on the social media channels. However, you need to edit them in a very good way to present them to your audience.

If you are hosting a WordPress blog site, why not try to insert a fancy DJI video to attract your audience attention. Once you grab the attention, the traffic business will naturally get into your hands. Check the listed mobile and desktop DJI video editing software for free to get inspired!

How to Edit DJI Videos on Mobile?

There are many apps that help you edit DJI videos. The best one, of course, comes from DJI official website. You can choose DJI GO, DJI GO 4, DJI FLY or DJI MIIMO according to what DJI equipment is in your hands. All the DJI official app allows users integrated access to SkyPixel, a social media platform for users to share their aerial photos and videos. Browse work, share your own, and even discover popular aerial photography spots in your area. And they also offer selections for users to share on other popular platforms like Wechat, Instagram, Tiktok and so on.


  1. Supporting both drones and editing features
  2. Allow loading videos from the aircraft instantly
  3. Preset mounts of transitions, music, filters, and all-suite templates of various themes.


  1. Only support 720P/1080P resolution output.
  2. Prone to crash


How to Do DJI Video Editing on PC or Mac?

With the help of VideoProc you can easily edit dji drone video on PC and Mac.It provides fast and easy editing experience with full GPU-Accelerated rendering. It’s cutting feature can be accurate to 0.01 level. Under powerful videos codec, processing 4K and large-sized DJI videos is super easy


  1. Meet basic DJI video editing equipment for both rookies and pros
  2. Preview video in real-time
  3. Support cutting, merging, time-remapping, rotating videos
  4. Customizable parameter options
  5. Exclusive level-3 GPU acceleration tech


  1. Not support third-party plug-ins
  2. Cannot save users preset

Suggested Tips Before Shooting DJI Videos

Although video editing software can provide great convenience, we still need to get knowledge of proper workflow of DJI video editing. Before processing videography, we should set the parameter below to promise the quality:

  • Resolution, frame rate, HDR mode and device color space
  • Select proper shooting mode: nature landscape, architecture, portrait or night mode
  • Special shooting effect: QuickShots, RockSteady, Time-lapse, Slow-motion or fisheye.

Tutorial to Downscale 4K DJI Video into 1080P

Download, install and open VideoProc. Then click “Video” to continue.

Step 1. Import video source.

Tap “Video” to import the 4K drone video(s) you want to process or you can drag the files to the interface. Then choose your target format and you can click “Target Format” for more formats. If you need to retain the maximum video audio quality, just keep the output codec the same as the original. And considering the compatibility, MP4 MPEG4 is recommended for common use.

Step 2. Downscale the video.

Click “Option” > “Resolution” and choose “1920*1080” in the pull-list if you want to convert 4K to 1080P.

You can add effect, watermark, subtitle, cut, crop, rotate…., on your DJI videos, after that, Click “Done” to save your settings.

Step 3. Export your video.

You can click “Browse” to locate where you will save your video. After all the settings are finished, click “RUN” to output the video.


In a nutshell, we can say that VideoProc is one of the best choices for editing the 4K Drone Videos. Participate in VideoProc DJI Event and win exciting coupons.