Choosing the right web hosting company from the beginning can help a great deal during setting up your website and running it the way you want and even more importantly the way you need it to.

Before starting, you are probably already aware that there are hundreds and thousands of different Indian hosting companies out there on the internet, all offering different packages, deals, and services. What are the differences between these companies? Why is company A so much cheaper than company B? Here we take a look at some steps you can take in to help you choose the right web hosting company from the start.


Customer Service and Technical Support
 Since you are new to the website game, you want a web hosting company that has 24/7 customer service and technical support. Make sure they have contact information readily available for the customer service and technical support departments. Find out if the technical support aspect is free or if there is a small charge when you need to get their help. Additionally, see if they have a user’s forum that you can join and contribute to. Sometimes the answers you need are in the forum already.


How much bandwidth does the hosting company allot you every month and can you add more at a later time? Most new websites do not need a lot of bandwidth, but as the customer and visitor base grows, you will probably have to have more. Ask what happens when you exceed your monthly bandwidth and if the web hosting company will notify you when you get close to exceeding it so that you can add more. Make sure there are no hidden penalties for increasing the bandwidth at a later date.


E-mail Addresses

Most web hosting companies offer you POP3 e-mail addresses, sometimes up to hundreds at a time. Research how many e-mail addresses each hosting package offers and what type of storage options and features – mail forwarding, webmail access, auto responder, etc. – the e-mail has with it.


Other Stuff

What additional items does the web hosting company offer you? These items could include blog software, shopping cart software, photo pages, and more. Make sure you understand how much space the web hosting company will a lot for the site and always read up on the extra items you get so you know they are available even if you never use them.


Read User Reviews

Reviews by other users of the web hosting company will give you some good insight as to how the company operates and treats its customers. Keep in mind that not everyone will be happy with every company and that one or two complaints out of a bunch do not imply that the web hosting company should be avoided. It simply implies that these complainers were picky.