Almost half of all Americans who work complain of back pain. What is one great way to fix back pain? Visiting a chiropractor. With roughly 264 million workdays per year lost due to back pain, you can ensure people are searching for “back pain”.

With back pain so common, it can be suggested that people are searching the web for their nearest chiropractor. This means that Chiropractors need high levels of SEO in order to show up at the top of search results lists.

SEO means search engine optimization. It increases the websites ability to be found in a search from search engines. The more relevant and high quality the web page is, the higher it will be found on the list of results.

Chiropractors can take the following tips to ensuring that have their best levels of SEO.

  1. High quality content – Chiropractors can run a weekly blog, article, or newsletter on their website with high quality content. This content, rich with keywords, can be found by search engines when they look across the web for pages relevant to the search.
  2. Getting links on other sites – When Chiropractors can get their links onto other sites, they are increasing their visibility across the web. They are also reaching many different audiences. Chiropractors can write mini articles related to the content on their web, and link back to the actual website, then post them across the web. This will increase the visibility of the website to search engines and all other customers who see the link.
  3. Call to actions – Chiropractors can benefit greatly from having call to actions on their websites. A call to action is a request from the website for the viewer to do something. That could be “Find now” or “Call now” or even “Click here to schedule an appointment”. Having these call to actions will allow search engines to rank them higher on a list of results.
  4. Pick out important key words – Key words are used by search engines to find relevant pages for search results. If someone searches for “neck pain” and the Chiropractors website has “neck pain” on the site multiple times, it will recognize it as relevant and pull that page for the results.
    • Find out keywords that are popular to the industry – i.e. pain, chiropractor, office, local, bones, etc.
    • Find out keywords that competitors are using so both of your pages pop up for a search.

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These tips are just some starter tips for how to improve SEO for chiropractors.