Every company owners want to produce their website successful to gain the visitors that perform various activities on your portal and cause them to return again and again. Besides, quality products and services, you can try additional ways too that can grab the interest of the traffic. So in this case popup can play a very important role. Here is the very best approach to improve the user’s engagement of your website. Not just that it can help to collect the visitor’s email and increase the amount of email readers. This is a powerful way which helps to make the conversion speed.

Normally, the default popup kinds are unattractive and cannot receive the attention of their visitors. Thus, so as to grow your email list in a bigger number, you have to create visually attractive popup forms to target your visitors.

Likewise, a beautifully designed popup form can persuade your visitors to follow the social profile that will directly increase the number of your social fan base directly. You can display the offer and discount deals that will grab the eye of traffic. Also, it can be used to exhibit them as an exit message when they’re about to depart from the website.

5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins for 2019

Here, we have combined 5 best free as well as premium WordPress popup plugins. These popups are well tested that includes advanced and powerful features. In addition, it includes numerous layouts and customization choices which will be quite beneficial to construct an ideal popup banner on your site. So, here is the listing:

1 : Popup Builder (Free)

Popup Builder is an outstanding WordPress popup plugin that allows you to bring the highly customizable lightbox. This lightbox gives you the capacity to enable amazing popup windows on your website using shortcodes. Also, it is possible to easily add the unlimited number of popups with their particular configuration. In this plugin, effective settings are added which makes you more easy to customize the color, sizes and many other choices.

This plugin lets you add any type of content right to your popup. You may insert them into any webpage or article easily and immediately. This is one of the ideal popups that opens automatically being the ideal solution to pull in the huge number of traffic to your site. If you add any effects to your popup then the visitors will detect your site.

Key Features:

Set custom animation effects
Change the content background color
Set popup location on the screen
Customize the feel and look of the popup
Add custom class for popup delay

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2 : ConvertPlus (Premium)

ConvertPlus is the ideal all in 1 WordPress popup plugin in which you can create amazing popups in one moment. And, this will help convert your visitors into subscribers, clients, and societal followers. Moreover, the people can learn more about the activity when they click on the link, button, or image to show the most customized offers. This permits you to reevaluate the conversion and create the greater quality email list.

With the support of well-timed activate, you can control the time of this deal that helps to place and locate the very best time according to the need of their visitors to find comfortable and familiar with your site. The interactive popups help re-engage the inactive traffic by providing helpful follow-up info, drive or guides.

Convert Plus does not require any coding or design experience. This is what makes it the best and easy WordPress optin plugin. Just follow a few intuitive steps and you are set to go live in minutes!
Create a campaign, select a design and customize it per your needs, add triggers and filters, publish the module and sit back and watch how it performs.

Key Features:

Form builder for the visual editor
Import and export functionality
Use advanced scroll triggers
Generates more social followers
Traget specific segments of your website visitors

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3 : Popup Maker (Free)

Popup Maker is one of those versatile and flexible WordPress Popup plugins that help create any sort of modal or articles overlay for your WordPress sites. And, this plugin includes an awesome support forum that’s very useful for the users to solve their queries related to the plugin. It supports the most popular form of construction plugins like Gravity forms, Ninja forms, Touch form 7 and much more. This permits you to target the one that will see your popups. Easily target any WordPress articles such as pages, articles, etc..

By using this plugin, you can easily create EU cookie finds, choice popups, modal forms and a lot more. It has Vehicle Open Triggers that lets you set the time and can display the popup in accordance with your preferences. You can dictate the frequency in which the users can see your own popups using cookies and also can edit the biscuits the way that you prefer to create by using Cookie creation Event.

Key Features:

Awesome Support Forum
Perfect fit on mobile devices
Use Popup editor to build any content
Auto open triggers allow you to set a timed delay
Click triggers allow you to trigger a popup

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4 : Layered Popups (Premium)

Layered Popups is your quickest and effective premium WordPress popup plugin that’s available on the industry. By using this plugin, you can create your personal multi-layers revived popups or may use over 200 beautifully designed readymade templates in the library. This plugin contains a sophisticated targeting system which makes you easier to correct on how and where to show the popup manufacturer.

As a normal popup, you may use some popups or a easily upload them to page content (shortcode and widget). With this plugin, you’ll find a fast support from the group, you do not have to await days to fix your questions. The popups can be produced by yourselves and may see the changes live with the support of awesome popup constructor.

Key Features:

Advanced targeting
Handle different events perfectly
Export and Import Popups included
Support marketing system
Access to popups library easily

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5 : Popups (Free)

This Popups Plugin helps you to demonstrate the popup on specific pages, templates, posts, etc and filter out the consumers from search engines. You could also filter the users that never commented and those who came via a different page on your website. The plugin can be used with many social websites that makes easier to connect with all the visitors.

This Plugin can exhibit numerous popups that is among those perfect Solution to reveal the critical messages such as SU Cookie notice, include a Call to action, increase your social followers, or exhibit any messages In a simple popup. There’s also a premium version which includes Added features so you can easily upgrade to that version too.

Key Features:

Compatible with a major form plugin
Different 5 popup location
Change font color, background, etc
Shortcodes for social shares
Configure background opacity

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Many of the visitors may not land on your page again so to convert them into regular audience popup plugin plays a vital role.
So, In order to make you easier to select the perfect one, we’ve attempted to give you a bit of information about the popup plugins the way it is useful for your website in an effective manner. Along with these WordPress popup plugins are well analyzed which works perfectly on any types of WordPress themes.

Hope That you loved our article and found really helpful. And if you have Been using one or more one of these plugins which are listed above then feel free to Share your experience with us.