Generally speaking, digital design agencies refer to third-party companies that perform digital design projects for other businesses. Where a generation or two ago, this may have been limited to the creation of computerized logos or perhaps, a digital animation sequence, the explosion of eCommerce in the past few decades has meant digital design work is now central to any organization’s branding effort.

These days, many digital design agencies can be expected to do any of the following:

1.) Brand strategy

Because so much of how your brand is discovered and shared happens online, digital agencies today are expected to be able to make recommendations on brand strategy.

2.) UI/UX optimization

Oftentimes, the only real difference between competing apps and websites is the experience they can deliver to the end-user. As this is ultimately a design issue, UI and UX optimization are now some of the most valuable services offered by digital design agencies.

3.) Website design

Website design is an ever-evolving field and the world’s top digital agencies are in a constant race to stay on top of everything. Not only do they have to contend with design issues, but other problems such as those involving security as well. 

4.) Information architecture

How information is arranged within a website or app is both an art and a science that has implications for its usability and function. Digital agencies can also work with your startup to improve the flow and arrangement of critical data.

5.) Graphic design

The work of digital agencies isn’t necessarily restricted to things that we see and experience online. They also produce visual assets that appear in print, on billboards, and even on shirts, uniforms, and other things connected with a brand identity.

6.) Logo design

Logo design is considered to be distinct from graphic design due to the specific goals logos have. Logo design goes beyond just brands as well. It’s a necessary part of building apps as they allow users to understand the function of an app without the need for text, which can be a heavy contributor to visual clutter.

7.) Animation

Animation is now an increasingly important task for digital agencies, given how many businesses these days want this kind of work done for social media and sometimes for television as well. It is also now understood as perhaps the most powerful way a business with an abstract model or proposal can explain key concepts — something any business should keep in mind.

8.) Video and sound production

With YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos now understood as being extremely powerful platforms for elevating even small brands into mainstream consciousness, digital design companies are now doing a lot of videos and sound production work. Even though everyone has a capable camera and microphone on their smartphones, it still takes quite a high level of expertise to pull off convincing videos. For smaller businesses, digital agencies are usually the best bet for getting professional videos done on a budget.

9.) App development

Many design agencies are also able to perform app development. Given how important custom apps are today for enjoying different types of services, it’s well worth investigating if an app may be able to improve your customer’s experiences.

These are just a few of the things design agencies today are capable of. To learn more about what an experienced digital design company can do for your business, get in touch with the team at 500 Designs.

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